Yeybuy Parcel Forwarding Guide(Mobile)

Step 1: Complete the information of the item to be forwarded and submit it

If you prepared the product and the parcel that will be forwarded

Enter the name and type or the product link of the item, the express company and tracking number, and submit the request.

Step 2: Yeybuy Quality Inspection and Warehousing

The item will be weighed and inspected upon receiving. After the item is stocked in, it will be displayed in Account- “shipping order”.

Visit ‘shipping order’ and select items then submit for delivery. Fill in delivery details and choose the recommended type of delivery.(The international freight will be paid after the warehouse is packed.)

Step 3: Pay international shipping fee deposit

After packaging in the warehouse, In Account- “shipping order”-" payment", Select payment method for the international shipping fee deposit and customs fee.