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Shopping Agent Guide

Step 1:Select Item

Find the product you want to buy on Taobao / Tmall /, and copy the product link and paste it in the search bar (or just copy and paste the link shared by you friend).

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Step 2:Submit Order

Superbuy can capture the info of 99% of the products on Taobao / Tmall / You can directly select the color, size and quantity, and click "Add to Cart" or "Buy".

Step 3: Pay for Item(s)

Choose payment method and pay for the item and Chinese local delivery fee.

图形用户界面, 文本, 应用程序, 电子邮件


Step 4:Superbuy Purchase

Our shopping agents will contact the seller and purchase your ordered items.


     Available for multiple currencies.

     Payment Methods: PayPal, Credit Cards, Wechat, Alipay, Chinese Debit Cards, Bank Tele Transfer, Bitcoin.

     Enter the destination country and remarks regarding your requirement. If you need value-added services, just select such services, then submit the order after review.

How to Submit Parcel

Step 5:

Visit ‘ My Warehouse ’ and select items then submit for delivery. Fill in delivery details and choose the recommended type of delivery.


     Some items may be restricted with a certain type of delivery. However, we have selected a few recommended types of delivery for you to choose from the list.

     We provide additional services such as package removal, package reinforcement, insurance, etc. Please inform us under remark and we will follow your request.

Step 6:Pay international shipping fee deposit

Select payment method for the international shipping fee deposit and customs fee


     The international shipping fee deposit is calculated according to the product's estimated weight, the selected shipment method, and the destination.

     The final shipping fee will be calculated according to the package size and weight verified by the shipping company.

Step 7: Delivery

Consolidate and pack items, reinforce package, weight and send out for delivery.

Step 8: Waiting for your package to arrive

You can track the parcel via ‘Members Center’ – ‘Way Bill’- Truck icon,after it is sent out.